Sep 7, 2016

We cordially invite you to participate in the International Symposium on Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) hosted by the Clinical Research Group 247 (KFO 247) on November 28-29, 2016. The two-day symposium aims to provide a thorough overview of the group’s research that was supported by the KFO 247 DFG grant. The scope of the symposium will cover a broad discussion on DBS mechanisms and basal ganglia physiology but also future projects and perspectives in DBS research in order to stimulate forthcoming collaborations and fostering a network for research on DBS and the basal ganglia.

Talks and discussions with key-note speakers and experts of the field will address current hot topics in research directed at the basal ganglia circuitries, network effects of DBS, animal models and potential biomarkers in movement disorders and recent innovations in technology and methodology.

A poster session will furthermore give participants the chance to present their own projects. Moreover, designated abstracts will be selected for short presentations. To participate in the shortlisting, please submit your abstract until the 30.10.2016 (deadline). Abstracts should be written in English and be structured as follows: Background, Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusion. The maximum word count (excluding title, authors and affiliations) is 250 words. Please use Arial/Helvetica 10 pt. as font.

UPDATE: Online registration for participation in the symposium are available until 10.11.2016. Here after registration is still available on site on 28.11.2016.

The Clinical Research Group 247 offers Junior Travel Grants for the participation covering registration fee and travel costs (up to 300 Euro). To apply for a junior grant please add a letter of motivation to your registration form.

Further Information, Registration and Abstract Submission via the Symposium-Website
KFO DBS Symposium 2016